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Our Mission

The mission of the Au Sable Big Water Preservation Association is to conserve and watch over the reach of river from Parmalee Bridge to Alcona Pond and support the best interests of the entire Au Sable River system.


This is the page where we show what we've been accomplishing with the help of our friends.  Photos of Claybanks 2 project courtesy of Dave Smith.


We've chosen a gray font color to represent the greasy, slippery clay that we had to gain footing in to do the necessary work.  This area, a couple of bends below Meadow Springs, had been destroyed by irresponsible hooligans who used it as a slide for tubes and canoes.  The flat below, known as Sunset or Segregation Flat, had been one of the best dry fly flats on the Big Water stretch.  The runoff of clay and sediment had chased out the fish.  The whole thing was originally conceived by Paul Morand, a member of the Mershon Chapter of Trout Unlimited and the Secretary of the ASBWPA.  It took Huron Pines, DNR, the USDA - Forest Service, US Fish & Wildlife and other organizations to secure the funding and clear the necessary hurdles for implementation.  Along with volunteers, AmeriCorps has also played a crucial role.  There is further work to do on this site.  Mershon will be out there later this spring planting wildflowers and other vegetation.

Here're some pics from the tree planting and the work by the TU Challenge Chapter: